Are Daily Horoscopes a Scam?

With daily horoscopes, fortune cookies and palm readings all over the place in society its worth taking a second to really think about why these metaphysical knickknacks have become so popular. Can you really classify a persons soul and mind by a star chart? Is the answer to your future, a question that so many people worry about, really in the palm of your hand? It is hard to believe for some, laughable for others and yet for many it seems to be a simple truth.

Where I land on these topics is somewhere in between. As a natural born skeptic its hard for me to fully accept anything that doesn’t have concrete evidence behind it, yet I must admit I do have a soft spot for astrology. Do I read daily horoscopes in newspapers and magazines? Absolutely not, it seems a tad ridiculous to assume Nancy Newswriter knows exactly what is going to happen to me on any given day. Yet when I delve into the personality assessments of each astrological sign I cant help but feel amazed at how accurate it **sometimes** is.

Born in June, I fall under the Gemini category, symbolized by the twins and categorized as an ever changing social animal. Gemini’s are known to entertain endless thoughts, to wander the world in almost a fluid like state. They are known to show signs of (at least) two personalities and if you were to ask anyone close to me they can attest to my dynamic nature. It comforts me to think that my ambiguous personality and my every changing interests may be due to something outside my control.Its not a mental imbalance its a cosmic fate that renders me as I am.

There in lies the divide, those that dont believe in fate or metaphysical forces completely dismiss the notion that anything “mystical” could be true. They are masters of their own domain and nothing, especially star dust, is going to effect their lives more then they can.

Obviously there is some benefit to that type of thinking, to be assertive and take your life into your hands is a good way to live, but to completely dismiss something that is impossible to understand is a mistake. We must never shun what we dont understand. We are merely enlightened primates slowly understanding the world around us. What seemed impossible 100 years ago is now common place. It is important to remember that the human knowledge base is constantly expanding and by keeping an open mind we allow further for further expansion.

Can I prove that Jupitors planetary alignment at the time of my birth rendered me to be a adaptable, social human being? No. Yet can I also point to millions around the world, who were born near the same time, who also identify with the common traits of a Gemini? Yes.

Undoubtedly astrology, like many other things in our commercial world has been diluted and cheapened. There are scams, there are fakes and there cheap tricks. Yet there are also small, tangible results that prove tapping into the paranormal realm is possible.

Think about it, if you could prove ONE ghost exists, does that not mean there is at least some type of afterlife? If ONE medium successfully connects to a passed loved one, sends a message that only the deceased could have known, does it not prove the existence of another dimension within our world? Both of these events have happened to me, so I can no longer fully dismiss the existence of the paranormal. Do I buy into it all? Absolutely not, but we must accept that there are things in this world that humans cannot understand at face value.

Such a concept is not foreign to us. In science we understand that there is a MASSIVE spectrum of colours and light with only a fraction of it being visible to the naked human eye. Whole other worlds exist at a microscopic level, worlds that have organization and structure, worlds that effect humans, heck there are worlds of bacteria living ON TOP of humans, that we are unaware of with the naked eye.

After accepting that there are invisible worlds underneath us, is it such a far jump to accept there are invisible worlds above us, or intertwined with us?


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