Incoming Ice-Age but go ahead and buy that Escalade

Incoming Ice-Age but go ahead and buy that Escalade

Its official folks, we have officially reached temperatures as cold as a planet MILLIONS of miles away from us, Mars. Global temperatures have been anything but stable since the industrial revolution. While Global temperatures rise on the whole, world wide we see an increase in unstable and fluctuating climates. The middle east was covered in snow only two weeks ago, rates of hurricanes have increased and the temperature is dipping to -50*C.

Are we UNCOMFORTABLE enough yet? The main criticism of the green movement is that people wont make the switch to electric cars and green living because it is too uncomfortable for our life styles. Well mother nature continues to give us a reality check of how uncomfortable this planet can get if we don’t smarten up. Have we had enough yet? Are we ready to wipe-out the cynicism surrounding climate change? Are we ready to embrace sustainable living? Or do you want to be driving that Escalade over the ice-sheets covering the Sahara desert>


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