Why ‘Walking Dead’ Is Ruining The World.


It is common knowledge now in pop culture that we are all just waiting for the world to end, whether it’s a war in the middle east that spreads world wide, a trigger happy military general that starts a nuclear war, wide spread disease or zombies, one thing is for certain, we are all doomed. The mechanism may differ from person to person but on the whole the consensus is pretty much the same.

Where has this pessimistic mindset come from? Well one answer might be the constant subconscious streaming from pop culture of our imminent doom. How many movies have there been about the end of the world? World War Z, I am Legend, TV shows? Walking Dead, ect, the list goes on and has been trending as such for some time. While I’m not saying that everyone is blindly accepting whatever Hollywood tells us, there is no doubt that subconsciously we are getting this gloomy image of the future driven into our heads. Furthermore there has been a CLEAR shift in the collective psyche of our population in regards to the future. Pop Culture has always played a key role in the shaping of societal views, just ask Edward Bernays and how he changed the whole society’s view on smoking.

So what? Well the reason this type of a pessimistic view of the world is dangerous is because it prevents us from striving for a better world. When we accept that we are all doomed and the world is going to end any day now (even subconsciously, or sarcastically), what we are doing is preventing HOPE from being subconsciously imparted in our pysche’s instead. Hope is dangerous, dangerous for those world leaders that want us to stay dependant on oil. HOPE is dangerous because it replaces the FEAR that justifies wars and insane military funding. HOPE is what drives the future, HOPE is what drives technology. However my friends, HOPE is being drown out in Hollywood and pop culture in favour of despair and fear.

Just a thought, but what if instead of seeing the world as coming to an end any day now, how about seeing the world as finally united? As finally getting past these silly divides of imaginary lines that separate “nations”. As finally accepting that our energy, tax and technology policies need complete reform.  I may be just a cock-eyed optimist spit balling here but I think there’s something to it.

Furthermore if the now accepted outlook for our future is certain and complete death, what other motivation do we need to completely change our way of thinking?


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